An open letter…

My name is Michael, but people call me Mk.  Let me tell you a little bit about who I am.

My earliest memory in life is as a two year old.  I watched a man get eaten alive by a ferocious and evil creature, later in life I was told this ungodly beast was called a shark.  I watched this so called shark swallow up a man whole off the very deck of his own boat.  I wouldn’t so much as drink from a damn water fountain for a week.  About a year later I saw a man in the magic box that allowed you to watch other people’s lives, later in life I was told that these magical boxes are what are known as televisions.  Something horrifying struck me.  How is it possible that this man is alive, when just last year I saw him eaten by a shark?

I approached my parents with great concern that I was being haunted by a ghost.  When I dropped this bit of news on them, we just so happened to be watching the magical box.  A young man was was flying through space with his friends headed to a planet to fight off evil and rescue a princess.  I told my father I want to do that, I want to go there, and my mother said “well honey, then that means you want to be an astronaut”.  We sat in silence for a few minutes, and suddenly my father said “You want to go to space, or you want to go to that planet and save that girl?”  I replied.  ”Yes father, I would like to someday travel to Tatooine and make sure the princesses there are okay.”  My father smiled and said, “no kiddo, you want to be an actor.”

We had a long discussion that day, that led from one question to the next.  ”I want to be an actor, but if this isn’t real, then who makes the story?…I want to be a writer…but if this box isn’t a magic window, who is showing it to us?…I want to be a director, but if that planet isn’t real, who made it?…I want to do visual fx”.

My parents were both artists so it isn’t surprising to me today when they tell me stories like this from my childhood.  I do my best to foster the talents they gave me through storytelling with motion picture and music.

They say God is in the details, and so I pay close attention.  I do everything I possibly can to tell stories, to explain products, and to sell dreams.  Thank you for taking a little time out of your busy day to get to know me.





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