Pixar’s INSIDE OUT – EXCLUSIVE! Watch the first full trailer here RIGHT NOW!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Let’s start the day with a huge smile on your face!  “Well how are you gonna do that?” you might ask me.  To which I would reply “By showing you the BRAND NEW TRAILER FOR PIXAR’s NEW FILM ‘INSIDE OUT!!!!'”  Yep, you heard me, feast your eyes on the brand new Disney Pixar film, Inside Out, a film that quite literally could ONLY come from the minds of PIXAR.
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Mad Max: Fury Road – EXCLUSIVE! Watch the first full trailer here RIGHT NOW!

Well, another Wednesday has come and gone, but not without dropping off quite the gift.  For fans of the original, this has been 20 years in the making…for newcomers wondering what all the fuss is about…just take a look.  For me, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, but as soon as I saw that they had adopted the very Kubrick stylings of A Clockwork Orange, I was hooked.  This guy for one, can, not, wait.  Without further ado, the official trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road.  Welcome back Mad Max.  Welcome back. Read more

TBT – Thursday Business Tip (Creating an Ecosystem)

Entry #1 Creating an Ecosystem

Many of you are unaware that I run several businesses.  I even run a business based website all about business.  I’ve decided that a lot of the articles that I post over there are beneficial for my fans in the entertainment world as well.  I’ve realized that this would be beneficial to share with you guys too, so I’m going to start posting a TBT article once a week, every Thursday, to help you guys start thinking ahead a bit.  To see this week’s tip on creating an ecosystem, read on after the jump. Read more