Brand new FURIOUS 7 trailer is HERE!!!!

“This time, it ain’t just about being fast…” Oh Dom, you are a god damn poet sir.  Vin Diesel’s character said it best in this new trailer as the stakes are set ridiculously high this time around.  Check out the trailer now!

I will say this.  Paul Walker was one of the most SELFLESS actors in Hollywood, and in this little town of ours, that is saying a lot.  His presence is the spirit of this series, and it looks like the series is sending him out gracefully and with a bang.

He died doing what he loved, and I would imagine he wouldn’t want it any other way.  The series will surely live on, and as long as they keep the spirit of Paul alive, I am completely okay with that.  My opinion?  The movie looks batshit crazy.  I can’t wait.

Michael out.