TBT – Thursday Business Tip (Creating an Ecosystem)

Entry #1 Creating an Ecosystem

Many of you are unaware that I run several businesses.  I even run a business based website all about business.  I’ve decided that a lot of the articles that I post over there are beneficial for my fans in the entertainment world as well.  I’ve realized that this would be beneficial to share with you guys too, so I’m going to start posting a TBT article once a week, every Thursday, to help you guys start thinking ahead a bit.  To see this week’s tip on creating an ecosystem, read on after the jump. Read more

young nak1 copy

Young Nak Celebration Church – What the Actual Fuck?

Mega churches.  Do I think there’s anything wrong with them?  Well, sure, a lot is wrong with them, but a lot is wrong with most organized religions and churches.  Besides, I myself go to a mega church.  So what’s my problem with Young Nak Celebration Church?  Read on after the jump to find out… Read more

5 watch in motion

Images of the Apple Watch in every day situations

Just a small collection of images of the Apple Watch in everyday use. Enjoy!


apple watch 1

the Apple Watch. Beauty defined, on your wrist.

Everything you need to know about the iWatch, right here, right now.
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The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

The iPhone 6 is here

There has been a lot of rumors and hoopla surrounding Apple’s new update for the iPhone.  But let’s be clear; it’s all heresy until Apple actually chooses to speak on it. Read more

What we all wish to end up with at home

How do you start a home based Music Studio?

Starting a home based music studio can feel overwhelming.  In fact, it can feel downright impossible.  When you think of the big boy music studio scene, and you remember last time you went in to the studio and forked over a months worth of savings for 8 hours of studio time…and now you want to Read more