Marvel Movies – Top 25 ranked! #14 – #10

So anybody that knows me knows how close comic books are to my heart.  I have one story after another of growing up reading comics as a child, to skipping class in University with Chanzo Tambuzi to have Smallville Season marathons.  Marvel, DC, Vertigo…it didn’t matter, if they had a fantastic story to tell, I wanted to read it.

I am a comic nerd through and through.  And since I tend to have what I think is the most unique Point of  View on the order of excellence in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe falls together, I’ve decided to post my opinion to be forever etched in stone on the information super highway “until I of course post a new article after next years big Marvel servings.

Marvel technically has had over 40 films made based on their characters, but they didn’t become serious until BLADE made his way to the big screen.  But from that point, it was an entirely new ballgame, and every movie they’ve created since then has been worth at least ONE viewing, so while I know many of you big Marvel and Comic nuts will get your panties in a bunch, remember this is simply my opinion.  Feel free to post your top 25 or top 10 or top 3 in the comments, let’s get started!

14.  The Incredible Hulk

Another fantastic movie, and boy what a catch when they got Edward Norton.  This film was incredible and we finally got to see two monsters blow shit up and go crazy on one another at the climax of this film.  Female lead didn’t hurt, even though as an actress she can be quite dark, I was happy with them bringing in two high end talents to take on these very important roles.  Kudos to Marvel for putting together another great film with this one.  Loved watching it, and while I was sad to see Edward go, I was more than happy to see Mark enter the playing field 🙂

13.  Blade 1

People seem to forget that this is the one that started it all.  The Marvel Universe, let alone the majority of the comic universe just wasn’t taken seriously until Blade come on the scene.  And when Blade made an entrance, he did so with a tsunami sized wave  Blade rocked the collective world’s world, and everybody immediately knew who Blade was, and for those that didn’t, many new fans came to know Wesley Snipes.  Hunting down vampires, on a bloodthirsty and murderous rampage was one hell of a way for Marvel to say “pay attention to us, we are serious about our comics”…and boy were they.  Choosing to prove that effort, they made a film that was very deserving of it’s hard “R” rating.  Talks are happening right now for a return of the character, and I for one can’t wait.

12.  Iron Man 2

Speaking of Marvel characters relaunching previous stars careers, there was a little film called Iron Man and it re-introduced the world to a completely sober and drug free Robert Downey Jr, which was a great thing, because when that man is off the pipe, his screen presence is precisely on fire.  And it shows.  Iron Man 2 is a film that not many will admit to liking, but look, they did one of my favorite practical skydiving stunts in cinematic history in this film, and I’m a huge Pepper Potts lover “that should be read I have been in love with Gweneth Paltrow since high school.  You know how you make an “it’s okay to fuck these 5 celebrities if you ever get a chance” list with your girlfriend or boyfriend?  Yeah, she’s always on my list.  Also, they started messing around with Iron Patriot whom I LOVE, and so that car race sequence was extremely bad ass too.  Also we got us some black widow action “another woman in my “5C” list lol.

11.  Thor 1

This film was incredible.  Not just because Marvel gave it such a ridiculously small budget and they made it work.  Not just because the climax literally takes place on a set built in the desert consisting of 12 buildings.  But because it was just so damn fun to watch Chris and Natalie have so much damn fun eating these characters for lunch.  I won’t go on and on about the importance of nuance and finesse in a film, but when you have run on jokes that work “like Thor being hit by cars constantly”, and even time period references “Thor slamming and thus shattering his glass on the floor as he beckons to his wench…err, I mean waitress demanding “ANOTHER!”…this film is just filled to the brim with awesome personality and reference.

10.  X-Men: First Class

Now this film was fantastic!  I thoroughly enjoyed it through and through.  So why didn’t it place higher on my list?  Quite frankly, Marvel just hasn’t made that many bad films, and even when they’re bad, they’re still redeeming.  Often times during the creation of my list, it wouldn’t come down to movies as a whole, but rather moments that meant more to me from one film vs. another.  This film had several moments that stood out for me, but no scene stood out more that Xavier teaching Magneto how to use his power to bend a giant satellite.  The amount of emotion displayed on the face of a young pre-magneto was absolutely stunning.  An honest workshop for actors took place in that moment, and I ate it right up!