Marvel Movies – Top 25 ranked! #19 – #15

So anybody that knows me knows how close comic books are to my heart.  I have one story after another of growing up reading comics as a child, to skipping class in University with Chanzo Tambuzi to have Smallville Season marathons.  Marvel, DC, Vertigo…it didn’t matter, if they had a fantastic story to tell, I wanted to read it.  

I am a comic nerd through and through.  And since I tend to have what I think is the most unique Point of  View on the order of excellence in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe falls together, I’ve decided to post my opinion to be forever etched in stone on the information super highway “until I of course post a new article after next years big Marvel servings.

Marvel technically has had over 40 films made based on their characters, but they didn’t become serious until BLADE made his way to the big screen.  But from that point, it was an entirely new ballgame, and every movie they’ve created since then has been worth at least ONE viewing, so while I know many of you big Marvel and Comic nuts will get your panties in a bunch, remember this is simply my opinion.  Feel free to post your top 25 or top 10 or top 3 in the comments, let’s get started!

19.  Spiderman

Yep.  Three of the spiderman films are in todays list.  And don’t get me wrong, just because these films are placing high on this list doesn’t mean I didn’t love them.  I did.  But there’s been a lot of time past since this awesome movie first hit the big screen and I gotta say, the only reason it’s so high on the list is because a lot of shit has happened since then.  Don’t be mad at me.  After all, this is just my opinion, and we all know that opinions are about as rare as assholes…because everyone has an asshole, so they’re not rare, so opinions are, oh never mind.

18.  X Men 2

X2 – X Men United was one of these films where I enjoyed it, and it had a great story.  I remember loving it in the theatre, and being happy with what was done, but for some reason, going back and watching it, again, it just didn’t age as well as I wanted it to 🙁  It’s still a great film though, just nowhere near as good as the others on this list.

17.  Spiderman 2

This film was absolutely amazing.  Fantastic.  So freaking good.  So why is it only #17 on today’s Marvel Movies list?  Well, quite frankly, because there are 16 other Marvel Movies that I enjoyed more.  And while this film definitely left it’s mark on me, the 16 I place in front of it left much bigger dents in who I am.  So while I can understand how many people consider this to be the greatest comic book movie ever, for me, it’s a great comic book movie, but didn’t have anywhere near the emotional impact that my  top 10 had.

16.  X Men

The original X Men.  This film proved that a film about mutants could work and be taken seriously.  Before this movie came out, people didn’t think that a team of superheroes could be done, let alone one so…shall we say, colorful?  But they came out, and they hit the ground running.  And while upon my recent viewing for this list, it has not aged so well, it’s still a great film that has a fairly big impact on me.

15.  The Amazing Spiderman

I can already tell you today’s 5 will piss off a LOT of people because I have knowingly places what has been widely considered the best comic book movie of all time on today’s list, but will deal with that when we get there…for now, let’s talk Spiderman.  ALL of his films appear on this list, minus Spiderman 3, which quite frankly, would’ve made it had this been a top 30, but alas, it’s not.  To be honest, I thought this would’ve placed much higher on my list, but in order to research my thoughts and feelings and went back and rewatched every film on here, and I gotta say, this movie was good.  I really enjoyed it.  It just suffered a very sad misfortune.  It has the distinct honor of being a film that was only made so that Sony could retain the rights to the character, versus letting it revert back to Marvel Studios.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t salivating at the thought of Spiderman joining the Avenger universe where he eventually belongs so…yeah.  Outside of that sour taste though, I quite like this film 🙂