Marvel Movies – Top 25 ranked! #25 – #20

So anybody that knows me knows how close comic books are to my heart.  I have one story after another of growing up reading comics as a child, to skipping class in University with Chanzo Tambuzi to have Smallville Season marathons.  Marvel, DC, Vertigo…it didn’t matter, if they had a fantastic story to tell, I wanted to read it.  I am a comic nerd through and through.  And since I tend to have what I think is the most unique Point of  View on the order of excellence in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe falls together, I’ve decided to post my opinion to be forever etched in stone on the information super highway “until I of course post a new article after next years big Marvel servings.

Marvel technically has had over 40 films made based on their characters, but they didn’t become serious until BLADE made his way to the big screen.  But from that point, it was an entirely new ballgame, and every movie they’ve created since then has been worth at least ONE viewing, so while I know many of you big Marvel and Comic nuts will get your panties in a bunch, remember this is simply my opinion.  Feel free to post your top 25 or top 10 or top 3 in the comments, let’s get started!

25.  Hulk

Hulk was one of these Marvel films where I think back and only remember a few iconic images.  It left an impact on me enough to remember the Hulk battling it out in a desert with tanks, and that beautiful image of Hulk standing on the edge of the city looking down the barrel of the lens.  Beautiful memories, and a film that inspired a fantastic B&M launch coaster at Marvel’s Island of Adventure in Orlando, Florida.  Still, the movie was just okay.

24.  Ghost Rider

Nicolas Cage is a fucking psychopath.  He is out of his mind, and I can’t get enough of it.  And just when you think he’s gotten all the crazy out of his system, he gives us his rendition of Marvel’s Ghost Rider, and it’s silly, goofy, wild, and mostly different.  Is the film great?  Not really, it’s just okay, but is it entirely watchable for repeat viewings?  Absolutely.  Silliness to the max, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’d like to honorable mention Ghost Rider 2 as well since we’re here, which takes bat-shit crazy to new heights.

23.  Daredevil

This movie should’ve been so much more.  I’m so disappointed in Daredevil for a number of reasons, starting with the director’s cut ACTUALLY BEING SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than the theatrical release.  How much better?  Well it was 40 minutes longer for starters, it removed an unnecessary storyline, and added back a much more important one, while expanding upon important ideologies that were too airy in the theatrical version.  But let’s ignore that ridiculous mistake and talk about how they didn’t take advantage of Ben Affleck’s amazing chiseled jaw.  That man was born to play a superhero and I would be much more upset about this if he wasn’t going to turn in what I am going to say will probably be the definitive version of Batman next summer.  Also, they murdered what should’ve been a fantastic spinoff in the Elektra character played to what they gave her to play by Jennifer Garner.  “If you’ve never watched Alias by the way, you should do so”.

22.  The Amazing Spiderman 2

What a weird fucking movie.  Seriously.  I hated the ENTIRE first half of this film.  Just too damn goofy for it’s own good.  So childish, and just not what the comics were to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I expect child like wonder, but I don’t expect it to be delivered so immaturely.  But this is where it gets weird…the 2nd act is actually good, and the final act is freaking fantastic, with the final scene of the film leaving me with that child like wonder I so very much crave.  I honestly cried in two very amazing moments.  Let’s just say Gwen Stacey was one of my favorite Marvel comic female characters, and the final moment of the film with the child dressed as Spiderman…chills, that was without question the best direction in the film 🙂

21.  X Men 3 – The Last Stand

A lot of people hate this movie.  A LOT.  There is a reason for that.  They killed off main characters that were just starting to stitch their legs.  They misused and grossly understated the importance of arguably, the most powerful mutant in the history of the X-Men Universe.  For those of you that are wondering whom I speak of, I of course mean Jean Grey’s other form, Phoenix.  Nonetheless, the film had some incredibly outstanding visuals and powerful moments.  I will never forget Jean ripping apart an entire army as if they were wings off a fly.

20.  Thor 2

What can I say?  The only reason this wonderful Marvel Movie isn’t higher on the list is because so many Marvel Movies tend to blow me away at some point or another, and this one didn’t blow me away, made it sure did keep me laughing and happy throughout.  Let’s get a few things clear, Chris Hemsworth is a fantastic Thor and always funny, and anytime Natalie Portman can be in my eyesight is a good thing.  Not to mention the film is incredibly pretty to look at and further adds to the mythos that is the MCU.