Marvel Movies – Top 25 ranked! #5 – #1

So anybody that knows me knows how close comic books are to my heart.  I have one story after another of growing up reading comics as a child, to skipping class in University with Chanzo Tambuzi to have Smallville Season marathons.

 Marvel, DC, Vertigo…it didn’t matter, if they had a fantastic story to tell, I wanted to read it.

I am a comic nerd through and through.  And since I tend to have what I think is the most unique Point of  View on the order of excellence in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe falls together, I’ve decided to post my opinion to be forever etched in stone on the information super highway “until I of course post a new article after next years big Marvel servings.

Marvel technically has had over 40 films made based on their characters, but they didn’t become serious until BLADE made his way to the big screen.  But from that point, it was an entirely new ballgame, and every movie they’ve created since then has been worth at least ONE viewing, so while I know many of you big Marvel and Comic nuts will get your panties in a bunch, remember this is simply my opinion.  Feel free to post your top 25 or top 10 or top 3 in the comments, let’s get started!

5.  Captain America

Wow.  Nobody saw this coming I’m sure.  Captain America for me was one of my favorite Marvel films because they dealt with something that happens to be one of my favorite genres of film that nobody ever creates; retro futurism and steampunk.  Two of my favorite genres, both addressed throughout this period piece work of art.  I can’t tell you how much I didn’t want the world fair section of this film to end.  It kept going on and on and then it was over, but the high I got from it lingered and dazzled throughout the rest of the project.  Captain America has always been one of my favorite heroes as a child, and the reason is because he struggles with bending the rules.  He struggles so much with doing so that he really may let an innocent die if it means breaking all rules to save them.  But on the same token he may very well save that innocent and break all that is right to him to do so, and we will genuinely feel the weight and impact it has on him if he does.  He is a true everyman that just happened to want to do everything he can to protect the world, starting with his own country.  Masterful work Marvel, and the film was easily a 9/10.

4.  Blade 2

And if you DID somehow see my #5 coming, no way in hell did you see #4 coming.  How do I know?  Because you are so bombarded with Marvels (Phase) series of films that you probably forgot all about the Marvel movies that existed before they were afraid to let their characters be the murderous machines they are.  Enter Blade.  In Blade 2, not only did we get what I consider to be one of the greatest action superhero films of all time, but a ridiculously fun story, awesome and completely demented bad guys, a ridiculous team of very questionable good guys that you pretty much could almost never trust, and one very bad ass hero.  Blade cared.  He cared about everyone.  Humans, other vamps, good natured creatures in general…he just had one hell of a way of showing it.  Ethical boundaries be damned, Blade was more of the “by any means necessary” type than today’s heroes, and that’s why I can’t wait for them all to join forces as they have so many times before in the comics.  I will never forget Blade and Spiderman’s first encounter with one another.  What a funny moment, and if you don’t know it, I strongly advice you to search Blade and Spiderman and enjoy yourself.  You’re welcome.  9/10

3.  The Guardians of the Galaxy

I struggled.  I really did.  It was so hard to not place this as my #1 film, because it is awesome in every possible way.  There is just zero bad to say about this movie.  Funny as all hell, probably the funniest of the Marvel films yet.  Sexy, (And I view green women with an entirely new set of eyes.  Charming, witty, smart, violent, brutal, fast, and expansive.  This movie represents the fourth team that Marvel has approached in their mainstream movies (X-Men being first, The Fantastic Four being second, and The Avengers being third), and I have to say, Marvel is king when it comes to teams.  Always masterfully handled, and no one person ever outshines the others.  Everyone gets their chance to show what they are made of.  Dear Lord and that soundtrack.  That amazing amazing soundtrack.  I’m already in line for the sequel. 10/10

2.  The Avengers

Again, not making this #1 was another impossible decision.  I never had such a feeling of joy and resolve than when I saw the characters built up in the ever expanding world Marvel had spent the previous 9 years in the theatre building than when I took a seat in the AMC Burbank 16 and was blown away with this wonderful piece of Comic Heaven.  Everything I could’ve asked for “Minus missing Avengers Spiderman, Wolverine, Blade, and a few others” was delivered in this wonderful piece of fan service.  I absolutely commend Joss Whedon for giving us moments that will never leave my mind.  Hulk flailing a demigod around.  Dr. Banner’s explanation and immediate demonstration of how he controls his anger (WOW), and a list that goes on and on and on.  Bravo Marvel on another 10/10 movie.

1.  Captain America: Winter Soldier

And then there was one.  Now my top 5 were always a no brainer for me.  That said, their order proved to be far more difficult.  In the end, however, I landed on Captain America: Winter Soldier as my favorite.  Mainly because so far, it was the most important.  There were incredibly high stakes in this film, and WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD! with the destruction of SHIELD the entirety of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) was quite literally changed forever. END SPOILERS.  That said, the action was perfect.  The pacing was perfect.  The acting was perfect.  The importance was perfect.  The weight was perfect.  The movie was for all intent and purposes, perfect.  10/10 and my favorite Marvel Movie yet.