Marvel Movies – Top 25 ranked! #9 – #6

So anybody that knows me knows how close comic books are to my heart.  I have one story after another of growing up reading comics as a child, to skipping class in University with Chanzo Tambuzi to have Smallville Season marathons.  Marvel, DC, Vertigo…it didn’t matter, if they had a fantastic story to tell, I wanted to read it.

I am a comic nerd through and through.  And since I tend to have what I think is the most unique Point of  View on the order of excellence in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe falls together, I’ve decided to post my opinion to be forever etched in stone on the information super highway “until I of course post a new article after next years big Marvel servings.

Marvel technically has had over 40 films made based on their characters, but they didn’t become serious until BLADE made his way to the big screen.  But from that point, it was an entirely new ballgame, and every movie they’ve created since then has been worth at least ONE viewing, so while I know many of you big Marvel and Comic nuts will get your panties in a bunch, remember this is simply my opinion.  Feel free to post your top 25 or top 10 or top 3 in the comments, let’s get started!

9.  Iron Man 3

Here’s a film that most people claim to have hated, yet came in being Marvel’s second highest grossing film of ALL TIME only behind the Avengers.  The hatred that you hear and see for this film has nothing to do with the film itself, which I think explains why it’s such a big film.  Because it was an excellent film, and people that didn’t follow the comics closely, have no idea what there is in this movie to be upset about.  However, for us fanboys, there was a “for most” unforgivable sin committed in this film, and that is the debacle that is what was done to the super villain, The Mandarin.  The choice to do what they did “which I won’t go into depth here as I don’t want to ruin it if you haven’t seen it…unlikely”, is an insane one, especially because the Mandarin was such an insane character in the comics.  Although on the same token, The Mandarin was also one of the most racist and offensive stereotypings of all time as well, so, I guess that evens itself out.  Anyway, Mandarin changes aside, this film was fucking awesome, and the choice in director this time “If you haven’t seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang go do so now” was very smart indeed.

8.  Iron Man

And here’s the one that relaunched Robert Downey Jr back into the stratosphere.  People didn’t know what to expect with this film, and nobody knew at the time that it would be as big as it was.  All previous Marvel films between Blade and up to this point were fantastic movies, but this was where Marvel decided it was time to initiate what is called PHASE ONE of the Marvel Universe, which ultimately accumulated in the forming of the super team, the Avengers.  This was an incredible film that aged extremely well.

7.  The Wolverine 

The Wolverine.  How many ways do I love this movie?  Well for starters Tao Okamoto.  I’m just going to let you go google her.  See you in an hour…you back yet?  Great.  Moving on.  The setting is fantastic and makes perfect since for someone like Wolverine to get caught up in all sorts of shenanigans.  There are awesome stunts and fight sequences, and a bonafide love story for Wolvie since the loss of Jean Grey, and Rogue before her.  It was fantastic to see him stretched over several decades of time back to the early wars, and watching him do battle with ninjas was simply tasty.  Great film.  Great characters, one of my favorite Wolverine comic book plots from back in the 80’s brought to the big screen and in beautiful form.  Bravo Marvel.

6.  Xmen: Days of Future Past

What an awesome film.  Without contest it’s the best Xmen film to date, and easily one of the top 6 Marvel films created so far.  To finally see the sentinels fully realized on screen was incredible.  Seeing such dire consequences and weight for actions and decisions was amazing.  And most importantly, being able to find a way to plausibly reset the bullshit that happened in X Men: Last Stand and right the wrongs so many of us fans have been angry about since that movie released a decade ago.  This film did exactly what it was supposed to do, and it did so beautifully.

Join us tomorrow for my top 5.