Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix Trailer is HERE!!!!

Say what you want people, DC has been kicking ass on the tv front.  I’m not kidding, everything from The Flash, to The Arrow, to Gotham and so on has been completely killer.  But what has Marvel been up to in television?  Well you mean besides the awesome Agents of Shield and Agent Carter series…well they’ve been busy making…

the tv shows that we deserve, starting with the awesome DAREDEVIL!!  We’ve been waiting quite some time to see this trailer and IT. IS. EPIC.  This show is going to be fantastic!  But don’t take my word for it, see for yourselves!

Clearly Netflix wants to keep it’s track record of high quality original series going, and I think they will nail it with Daredevil and the other three new Marvel projects coming.  But let’s see how you guys feel about it!  Let me know in the comments!