Mixed families are the future, accept it.

It really doesn’t matter that the media will try their best to convince you that Blacks are evil and dangerous and Asians only care about math and rice and that all White people are racist, because all of those comments are bullshit.  And bullshit will never win over LOVE.  With every new generation, more and more

kids realize that they don’t have to marry who their parents or grand parents want them to marry, and that instead, they can marry because of love.  More and more kids are realizing that it’s okay to have a crush on Kelly, even if he’s White and she’s Black.  It’s okay for them to grow up and start a family.  Last year CHEERIOS released this advertisement featuring a mixed family and the racist bloggers of the world went insane.  They took youtube comment sections by storm to call bullshit, citing that black men and white women having a family that actually works is shameful and a lie!  There is absolutely no way a black man would stick around to raise a child.  Because in case you didn’t know “don’t worry, you do”, one of the nastier stereotypes of black men is that they don’t stick around to raise the baby.  Tell that to my awesome father “who married outside of his race btw, twice, my mother included.”  My mother’s father by the way, also married outside of his race.  For those of you not good at plot points, yes, all of this makes me a mixed race child.

See, my family has never been the type to fall in love for any reason other than loving each other.  Jobs, finances, stability, religion, morality, respect, attraction, etc all come into play sure, but never would race be a limitation.  Which is probably why I am the way I am.  You would never hear me like “Wow man, I met this really great woman…honestly, just amazing.  Graduated from Harvard, she’s a doctor, loves video games, and she even goes golfing with me…yep, damn shame she’s white.  I almost found the way.  I guess there’s always next time!”.  Anybody that thinks like this is ridiculous.  I’m sorry “not really” but in today’s world, your simple mindedness will get you exactly nowhere.  By the year 2048, white people will be the minority in America, and that’s a great thing.  Not because white people are bad.  Not because they aren’t equal to or as good as the rest of us.  But simply because that means more mixed families.  And the sooner we are all mixed up to a point where identifying a person’s race based on their face is nothing more than a drinking game, the better.

And by the way, racism really is almost dead.  It’s definitely still out there, and heavily active in the places it is still at, but it’s on its way out the door.  That’s why the comment sections on articles, youtube, yahoo news, huffington post, etc are always so angry and filled with hate speech and so on…they have nowhere to go in reality and so the racists of the world have ALL FLOCKED TO COMMENT SECTIONS AND MESSAGE BOARDS…it may seem like there’s a lot of them, but the truth is, that’s just because that’s where they all go to let loose.  That’s okay, they can have it.  In reality, they will die out soon enough, so just leave it alone and ignore it.

“But society says that that can’t work.  Society says Black men don’t raise their children.  Society says my parents won’t allow me to marry a White woman.  Society says Mexican men are all active or ex gang members.  Society says that Asian women are all white washed and only love White men.  Society says women don’t respect Asian men.”  No, the media tells you that bullshit.  The same media that controls literally everything you believe right down to the foods that are healthiest “most of it is barely even food anymore”, to the medicines you need to take “nothing to do with your health, everything to do with medicine being one of the biggest money makers in our country”, to which race is the most violent “according to the FBI it’s white people…mind, blown…well, I’m not surprised, but your mind is probably blown.”  So yeah, don’t believe the media, they tend to say what they need to in order to keep controlling you.

So since the chances are your eyes aren’t used to being bombarded by the beauty of mixed couples, mixed families, and mixed children, I’ve decided to go ahead and put that together for you right here.

1.  Mixed couples – All I see is love, love and more love.

Go ahead, take a good long look.  And guess what?  Something amazing is going to start to happen…the longer you look, the happier you will be about the future.

2.  Mixed families – Tomorrow’s modern family, today.

This is shit is like siting in a time machine that only travels forward.  So many beautiful families.  So many happy people.  People that don’t even know what racism means anymore.

3.  Mixed people – Taking beauty to a whole new level.

Forget a time machine, you’re going to need a space ship.  These people might as well be aliens as beautiful as they are.  Humanity is headed for a place where everyone is just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen ever.  And I’m very okay with that.

4.  Mixed babies – How adorable these children are should be illegal.

Seriously?  Seriously guys.  These kids are basically born privileged.  I mean, who on earth will ever say no to them?

I hope this article made you smile.  As a mixed kid, it definitely makes me happy to know we are the future of the world.  Racists, hang on to your racism like it’s the last piece of pizza on the face of the planet because your time is almost up.  A few generations from now we will all be one people united and fighting for the people as it should’ve been all this time.

I’m also ending with a kids reaction video to the aforementioned Cheerios commercial.  If you were worried about future generations, don’t be…the intellect on display by these children and genuine love for one another says we are in great hands 🙂


~Michael Simpson Jr