Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad official trailer #1 is finally here!

People keep asking me what I’m looking more forward to between Batman vs Superman and The Suicide Squad.  Well if this new Suicide Squad trailer has anything to do with it…


Suicide Squad has had quite an interesting path, and due to the leaked Comic-Con footage last year and DC’s decision to release said footage early, we didn’t know exactly what tone the final product would have, so I’m very excited to see this new tone in the DC universe.  And we’ve been following it very closely around here, because it’s basically the DC version of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy in terms of weird shit happening and will it play off…and just like with GOTG, I am thinking they made the right bet.

Casting was actually incredibly smart, with Will Smith’s name alone bringing in a crowd big enough to guarantee success “despite the underperformance of his current drama, Concussion”, and the rest of the cast is going to bring in their own respective followings as well.  Margot Robbie is my celebrity bae so I will likely watch this at least twice.  Sexiest villain ever.  Well have a look at the Suicide Squad official trailer, and see if it gets you excited!


So what do you guys think of the trailer?  Let me know in the comments!