Michael Simpson Jr – Oakbrook Downs, new album is out NOW!

Hello friends, fans, and casual readers alike.  My new album “Oakbrook Downs” just released to rave reviews! Read more

Stop blaming music, movies, and games for violence among children, BLAME THE PARENTS

Politicians and their bullshit have further corrupted the minds of our parents…but is there any truth to the claims?

And can our generation’s parents truly be foolish enough to believe it…or are they just looking for a scapegoat to deflect their own bad parenting?   Read more

Song writing – How to write a song

Song writing.  nobody ever said it was easy right?  Not true.  You will hear plenty of famous songwriters talk about how easy song writing is all the time.  But why?  Why does it come so naturally for some people and at the expense of so much hair pulling and frustrating work for others?  Well there are several things that factor into both sides of this coin, so let’s dive right in. Read more

Welcome to the new official home of Michael Simpson Jr

Michael Simpson Jr is many things.  Actor, rapper, scholar, entrepreneur, businessman, dude that talks in third person on his website…but one thing he isn’t…well, he isn’t that dude that talks in third person on his website.  Enough of that!  Welcome to my new official blog!  It’s crazy because I’ve Read more