the Apple Watch. Beauty defined, on your wrist.

Everything you need to know about the iWatch, right here, right now.


The iWatch – What is it?

Well the first thing is, what it isn’t.  It’s not called the iWatch.  It’s the Apple Watch…and good lord is it beautiful.  Let’s talk about that.


The Apple Watch – Does it live up to the hype?

Beautiful.  Flat out art.  One thing Apple does better than any other technology firm is create beauty in their products.  They have no interest in just providing you with a service or with just making money.  Their highest interest is creating products that they themselves want to have.  It’s very similar to being a child and having this imagination where you dream up all these possibilities, but then actually being able to bring those things into fruition.  Apple had a vision for a watch, and boy did they deliver.  There was a lot of hype surrounding this thing for many years, and truth be told, Apple never even officially acknowledged its existence until today.  But now that we know it is real, and now that it is here, I am already having a hard time remember how I ever lived my life without one.  This thing needs to come out right now because I can already see the many benefits it will bring to my everyday life.  Let’s talk about those.

The Apple Watch – What can it do?

Well for starters it tells time.   And while that may seem silly, let’s not forget how important that is.  Because in creating a watch, the idea is to display with chronological perfection, every second, minute, and hour of your life as it passes by.  Since the dawn of time man has been perfecting time telling, and once we had it perfected, it became a question of elegance and grace, because time itself is in fact, timeless.  Most watch connoisseurs take great pride in ownership of their timepieces, and if you are going to enter the watch game, you need to come into it making a lot of noise, and Apple has done just that.  For a list of the seemingly endless things Apple Watch can actually do, please refer to Apple’s homepage

The Apple Watch – When can I get it?

The iWatch will be available for mass consumption starting early 2015.