Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Rey and Finn And Kylo Ren Family Lineage REVEALED! (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

So I’ve developed a rather strong theory after viewing Star Wars: The Force Awakens three times with very clear points that point in this direction, and I’d like to share this theory with all of you out there.  And please, feel free to challenge me.  If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but I don’t see how I could be.

Star Wars: Who’s awakening is this?

So a lot of really big things happened in this film that I feel like most people missed.  And we need to talk about those things, because they are honestly mind blowing events once you realized what you actually just witnessed.  Case in point:  The awakening quite literally refers to the force itself.  There is a disturbance in the force, and it’s a disturbance strong enough to terrify Supreme Leader Snoke.  I think this disturbance requires the FIRST awakening of a Jedi.  I will explain why I phrase it this way in just a minute.  But when talking about WHO’s awakening Snoke is referring to, it’s CLEARLY FINN.  So let’s just jump right into the timelines.


1. Finn broke through his First Order indoctrination on his first mission.

Let me be clear.  I’m not saying it isn’t possible for other troopers to go rogue fresh off the assembly line. But let’s be real.  How often in ALL of the Star Wars Canon universe have you seen that happen?  That said, if Finn was in fact Force sensitive, it explains how he was so easily able to break out of his programming.

And if you were really paying close attention during the opening battle sequence, you would have noticed that Finn’s perspective felt like a sudden and overwhelming expansion of consciousness…also known as an AWAKENING.

2. Kylo Ren sensed him in the Force

As a bee to honey, right after Finn’s “awakening”, Kylo Ren literally turns and stares directly at Finn.  Finn hadn’t yet awakened when he failed to shoot, and Kylo paid him no attention.  It wasn’t until after the massacre had happened, and Finn was awake.  And as if that wasn’t enough, When Finn and Poe escape in the TIE fighter, Kylo immediately knows that it was in fact FN that escaped, again, proving he was heavy on Kylo’s mind.

3. Finn felt the destruction of the Hosnian system

Remember in the middle of the film, the First Order destroys the Hosnian System, and when they did, something rather incredible happened.  Finn actually  felt it. He quite literally stops in the middle of his action, turns and looks up at the sky, and if you watch again, he even hears the exact same cries from the planet in his consciousness, verbatim.  That calls back to Obi-Wan Kenobi back in A New Hope, who felt the destruction of Alderaan on the Millennium Falcon .

4. He easily took a hold of Luke’s lightsaber

Go back to the advertising campaign for the film and you will see that Finn using the saber was the big red herring, because it was eventually Rey that took the saber.  However, I think it is a two-fold herring, because taking hold of a saber is a very big deal, and not just anybody can do it.  In fact, I don’t remember any other non-jedi wielding a saber other than Han Solo himself. Which brings me to the fact that Maz Katana herself was more than happy to tell him that he “already had a weapon” when they fought against the troopers. And as I’ve already pointed out, Han Solo is the only non-force sensitive person to have used a lightsaber in the movies and when he didn’t it wasn’t for a very long period of time.

5. He held his own in a fight against Kylo Ren

This is a very big deal as well.  Think back to when Rey was unconscious, Finn had to fight against Ren without any Jedi training whatsoever, and yet he managed to stand his ground.  Yes Kylo was injured, and yes he was eventually sliced in the back, but up to that point, Finn had only used a saber once before and there’s no way that was enough to take on the master of the knights of Ren.

There is no question that Finn is force sensitive.  This is something they made beyond clear for those paying attention.  The only real question is when will he become a Jedi, and who are his parents, which leads us to…



This sounds nuts, I know.  Even nuttier is that if this theory is correct, Finn and Kylo are brothers.  But let’s stick to the basing of this theory.  For anybody that follows the entire Star Wars Canon, you know that there is an AMAZING series of current comics being made by MARVEL.  You would also know that Marvel and Lucasfilm are working ridiculously close in the writing of these comics, as everything that happens in them is 100% Canon.  That said, Han Solo, as it turns out…is MARRIED.  And his wife?  Sana Solo, a BLACK WOMAN.  Now, the reality is it would take a  lot of coincidences for Finn of all people, a trooper, to end up in this group of people and end up running into his father, but the fact that Han has a black wife that we didn’t know about, and the possibility of Finn and Kylo being brothers, is a very intriguing theory.


The past 20 years between the last adventure and The Force Awakens I believe are remaining a mystery for a reason.  That is all information that I am sure is being withheld for episodes VIII and IX.  But while we don’t know what happened, we can easily assume that Luke could have possibly fathers a child and said child would’ve ben put into hiding.  This would explain Rey’s island dream, and it would explain Luke’s saber being drawn to her.  Being the daughter of the strongest Jedi in existence would also explain why she was so adept to the ways of the force so quickly.  Not to mention Kylo’s reaction when he heard that BB-8 was receiving help escaping from a young woman.  Perhaps he was aware of the lost Skywalker?


While the obvious guesses for her lineage are the Skywalker’s, It would also make some sense if she were to turn out being the granddaughter of Ben Kenobi.  I say this because again, a lot of time passed, and there is a chance before Ben went Poltergeist that he fathered a child, and that child had a daughter.  My primary reasoning for believing this to be a possibility is the fact that they went out of their way to use the ORIGINAL BEN KENOBI voiceover during Rey’s vision when she touched Luke’s lightsaber.  And it would certainly explain her natural inclination to use the jedi mind trick so suddenly with the troopers that were holding her captive.



“I hope she’s just an ordinary person,” another blogger’s friend told him after a viewing of the Force Awakens, “Because then, she’s me.”

I really like this point, because it really nails what I think George Lucas was after when talking about all of the midochlorians in the universe.  When there is a darkness in the world, a light has to balance it.  The force, and the universe, are all about equal halves.  For all the light, there is darkness, so on and so forth.  Meaning, Rey, just like Finn, may have awakened, simply to combat the darkness.


Rey gained control of her Force abilities incredibly quickly, and honestly forgotten or repressed, or even wiped memory of some former training could explain all of this.  Luke was obviously mentoring a new generation of Jedi, and other than Kylo Ren screwing it up by going Dark, we don’t know very much about the class.  But obviously Kylo and Rey could’ve both been students in that class, and Kylo may have killed everyone else in the class.  And remember, Rey dreams of an ocean and an island, which is exactly where she later finds Luke.  Coincidence, or has she been there before, perhaps as a child?


Think back to when Rey touched Luke’s Saber and has her vision.  In the vision, Kylo Ren stabs someone through the back.  If you watch it again, you will notice it seems as though he is stabbing someone that was attacking Rey.  Kylo cannot be seen letting people live, given his orders would’ve been to slaughter everyone knowing how the order works, and wiping Rey’s mind “as I mentioned earlier” and leaving her on Jakku, where nobody could find her, would explain away everything, including why Kylo freaks out for apparently no reason when he finds out “a girl” helped BB-8 with his escape from Jakku, and his interest in her throughout, including offering to train her “killer’s remorse?”.


I really like this theory although the chances of it being right are very slim.  This is one I’ve seen bouncing around recently explaining that Rey is basically akin to a NEO from the Matrix but in the FORCE, and she can basically reverse engineer the Force.  This would however explain her being able to go from Kylo breaking into her brain to blocking Kylo, to then turning and starting to attack Kylo during his mind interrogation of her.


Well, basically it means that this film was a lot deeper than people that weren’t so impressed originally tried to claim.  And that it really is heavily layered and not just the “carbon copy” of A New Hope that cynics keep claiming it to be.  And most importantly of all…it means we have an incredibly dense story and fantastically fun and interesting material to look forward to.

And what do you think about all of this?  Are Rey and Kylo cousins?  Are Finn and Kylo siblings?  Are BB-8 and C3PO related?  Did Maz and Yoda get it on?  Will Stella ever get her groove back?  Less than a year before we get some answers!