Welcome to the new official home of Michael Simpson Jr

Michael Simpson Jr is many things.  Actor, rapper, scholar, entrepreneur, businessman, dude that talks in third person on his website…but one thing he isn’t…well, he isn’t that dude that talks in third person on his website.  Enough of that!  Welcome to my new official blog!  It’s crazy because I’ve

been running around so busy that I simply haven’t had the time to get in here and work on my website like I should have.  It’s the casting season here in Hollywood, in fact, it just started this week.  I actually have a commercial audition for Smuckers Jelly 5 hours from now, so wish me luck!  My tv show Ground Floor on TBS got picked up for a second season!  Yay!  And I’ve started my online entrepreneurship business.  Being an IBO is a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun.  Basically, there’s a lot going on right now, so forgive me for not getting right down to it.

Michael Simpson Jr.  I love saying my name.  Because it carries so much weight.  My father, Michael Simpson Sr. is a great man.  He leaves behind in his legacy “I’m talking like that nigga died, he’s still here lol”, but he leaves behind in his legacy some very big shoes to fill in terms of being a loving father, and a positive influence on the community/world.  I mean, he was a cop!  A homicide detective, and one of the clean ones too!  So he had done a lot for the community.  My hope is that I do at the very least, 4 times as much as he did for the world.  Everybody should love their name, and respect where it comes from.  Here, let’s all take a second to say our names.  I will say mine and you say yours, ok?  One.  Two.  Three.  Michael Simpson Jr.  Now breathe out, and come back to Outward facing dog.  Sorry, I accidentally slipped into my yoga mindset.  Okay my wonderful people.  It’s 9:30am exactly and I still need to hit the gym for an hour of cardio and weights, do my laundry, rehearse this scene, and get to the audition!

Have an amazing day, and be awesome.  I know you’re not used to hearing a lot of rappers talk like this, but look, I’m going to always be me.  I’m not always going to try and sound cool, I’m not always going to put on a facade.  You will very often, more likely than not actually, just hear me being…me.  And personally, I think that’s a good thing.


~Michael Simpson Jr (MK)