World Premiere SUPERGIRL trailer!

DC.  What can I say?  They don’t always get the big screen translations of their impressive arsenal of superheroes right, but dammit if they don’t do fantastic television.

From Smallville to Gotham and iZombie, to Arrow and the Flash, the DC television universe is MILES AHEAD of anything they are doing on the big screen, and SUPERGIRL is looking to continue that tradition of excellence.  Anyone that watches this 6 minute trailer released by CBS and DC today should find something that appeals to them.  From awesome action, to great big budget effects, to fun storylines and relationships, to military war-games, to umm, girl stuff.  It looks fantastic and I for one will be watching every week on Hulu along with the rest of the DC television universe.  Are DC going to catch Marvel anytime soon on the big screen?  Batman vs. Superman will be our first real look at an honest answer to that, but for now, they are lightyears behind Marvel in the Cinematic universe.  But on tv, they are on par and often times better, and Supergirl is the most recent entry looking to prove that.

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